Ant Farm
 Gallery Description  Zucatti Park was Ground Zero for the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS was started as a call for protest against income inequality by the Canadian group Adjusters. What started as a protest became a political movement that still resonates. The park itself, only a square block, is located in the financial district of lower Manhattan. It lies directly across the street from where the World Trade Center stood.   The park was taken over by the protestors and transformed into it's own city-state. The social structure was democratic with nightly meetings to discuss governance over a very fluid time. It was as well organized as possible. The park had it's own free food court staffed by volunteers, a book store to help residents pass the time, entertainment in the form of endless drumming, a power company staffed with residents powering any manor of devices with bike driven generators, a hospital, a store with hand-made cigarettes, and a thrift store with warm clothes and blankets. They had a sanitation department, no police department (they didn't feel it was necessary because they were literally surrounded by police in riot gear) and lots of live theater.  I visited Zucatti Park on Halloween 2011, two weeks before the police moved in and forced everybody out. The day before I visited, the park was deluged with 2 inches of sloppy wet snow that turned to slush. Everyone was trying to dry out. One of my favorite images is the prayer flags and wet laundry hanging together in the breeze. As I wandered about the park taking these photos, I sensed the ocurrence of a unique moment in history.  
 Gallery Description  The COPS series came about in the winter of 1975 when I was granted access to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for the purpose of documenting the day-to-day workings of the organization. I was given wide access and made visits to Police Academy, Aviation Unit (it was called Sky Patrol back then), Detective Division, K9 Unit, Headquarters and the Central Patrol Division. These photos capture the small dramas of police and citizens moving through the routine of their daily lives.  What strikes me most is how vintage the images are now. There are no desktop computers, no cell phones or tablets. Paper dictionaries were used instead of spell check. So much has changed for police since these images were taken. It was rare to have a chance to capture the moments in these image. Today it would be just as rare for them not to be imaged in some way at any moment.  
 Gallery Description  The Missouri State Fair has operated at the state fairgrounds in Sedalia since 1901. It lasts 11 days in the later part of August. August of 1978, when these were taken, was very hot with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.The fair that year attracted 296,933 visitors. Among the headliners performing the fair were Kenny Rogers, Mel Tillus, Waylen Jennings and Merle Haggard. The World of Outlaws raced for the first time at the Missouri State Fair Speedway with hall of fame Rick Ferkel taking the cup. Anita Vanetti from Markville was crowned Missouri State Fair Queen.